Bust a lung!

Greenwood Climb – Singletrack Gold Segment Series

Starting at the cattlestop near Evans Pass, climb the singletrack to the stile on the Summit Road (i.e. do not take the option that heads to the summit of Mt Pleasant).

Rapaki Climb – Singletrack Gold Segment Series

Starting at the first gate (near the end of the tarseal) on Rapaki Road and climbing to the top gate on the shingle road.  Resist the temptation to deviate onto the adjacent singletrack (yes, we realise we are the ‘Singletrack’ club – there plenty of other segments to scratch that itch!).

This is a busy track so please be very courteous around other users.

Kennedys Climb – Singletrack Gold Segment Series

2019/20 Season

Starting from the Crocodile XC MTB Park main noticeboard, head down C2 to the ponds then climb following C2, all the way up. Come out of the trees and head right onto Tiga’s. Continue up Tiga’s until you merge onto Crocodile at the cattle stop. Climb on the Crocodile Up line to the Kennedys Hub. Continue up on The Low Road and Siberia single tracks. From here climb the Kennedy’s 4WD route to the Summit Road stile.