Thank you Cycleways for sponsoring the Gold Segment Series.

Challenge yourself and other club members in the Singletrack Gold Segment Series!

In addition to all the mountain biking events that the Christchurch Singletrack Club organises, in 2018-19 we initiated this Strava-based series where we have set up 10 specific segments for you to complete in your own time.

Hill climbs, sprints and XC segments to race against the clock!


The format this year is a little different to previous years, with a different focus each month:

  • November – Hill climbs
  • December – Sprints
  • January – Port Hills XC
  • February – Crocodile XC
  • March – McLeans XC

Points will be accumulated from month to month, much the same as in previous years. Place first, second or third on a segment will earn you a gold, silver or bronze medal, respectively. Different tallies for men and women.

There will be a ‘league’ table too, with 10 points for first, down to 1 point for 10th or lower on a segment.

Points and medals accumulate across months, with an overall winner announced at the end of the season

Capture your ride on STRAVA to record your segment times.

Monthly and annual leaderboards will be displayed on this website.  Awards will be given at the end-of-season AGM.

How to participate

  • Join STRAVA (  Basic membership is free!
  • Join the Christchurch Singletrack Club within Strava.  Also free (sweet! – more money to spend on the bike). Ensure your Privacy Control (under Settings) is set to ‘Everyone’ for your Activities.
  • There are 10 segments (3 x climb, 4 x XC*, 3 x sprint).  Find descriptions and links to each on the Segment page.  If using the STRAVA website (not the app) you can search for them using  Explore/Segment Search with keywords ‘Singletrack Gold Segment Series‘.
  • In each month there will be a different segment, or group of segments in play.  Check the schedule.
  • Go ride!  Record your effort using a smartphone app or your favourite GPS device and upload to Strava.  
  • At the end of each month, we will take a snapshot of the Strava leaderboard and the top male and top female riders will be awarded medals, and everyone will accumulate points.
  • The overall season winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the Club AGM.

Some Rules and Guidelines

  • You must upload your effort before 9pm on the last day of the month for it to be included in that month’s leaderboard and medal tally.
  • To be eligible for annual awards, you must be in the Strava Christchurch Singletrack Club group (otherwise we may not see your efforts), AND a financial member of  Christchurch Singletrack Club.
  • Competition runs from 1st November 2020 to end of March 2021.
  • Winners’ segments will be checked for correct routing (please don’t cheat!).
  • To keep the competition fair: e-bikes are not permitted.
  • Respect track closures and land restrictions (e.g. lambing season).  To avoid disappointment, check Track Status before heading out.  If you are found to have ridden on a closed track, your time may be disallowed.
  • Be considerate of other trail users.  Follow the Mountain Bikers Code.  Yield to ascending riders.
  • If you’ve set a time, but it doesn’t seem to be recognised, message us via the Facebook page, including a link to your Strava activity. We’ll review and add you to the club leaderboard manually.

Above all – have FUN!


Send us feedback or chat with your fellow competitors over on our Facebook page.

SIXCO 2018 competitor on Upload